Deck Resurfacing


Calgary Exterior Connections products provide permanent waterproof protection better than any of the alternatives on the marketplace.

Driveway and Parking Lot


We have the latest in driveway resurfacing technology.  More advanced than rubber resurfacing, our Flexstone and products are more advanced with significant benefits. 

Steps and Walkway


Concrete sidewalks and walkways need to be protected to prevent damage from moisture penetration.  Our products help protect your concrete and improve the look of your home's walkways and sidewalks. 

Garage Floor


We offer garage flooring protective surfaces for garages and driveways and have the top flooring options of Flexstone with a wide selection of colours.  Our products are maintenance free and are seamless.  



We install the latest in pool decking surfaces that are crack resistant, skid resistant, maintenance free and aesthetically beautiful.  We can install over most substrate materials including concrete, asphalt, stone, brick and tile

Flat Roof


Our products are on a list of permitted membranes for flat roofs and decks. The seamless, thick coating, flexible, and uniform 100% waterproof bond is resistant to below-freezing temperatures.